All our keys are of the very best quality available. If you require a special please contact us and we will do our best to get it made.

Key Sizing   
No.1 0.080″ or 2mm No.9 0.160″ or 4mm
No.2  0.0090″ or 2.3mm No.10  0.170″ or 4.25mm
No.3  0.100″ or 2.5mm No.11  0.180″ or 4.5mm
No.4  0.110″ or 2.75mm No.12  0.190″ or 4.75mm
No.5  0.120″ or 3.00mm No.13  0.200″ or 5mm
No.6 0.130″ or 3.25mm No.14 0.210″ or 5.25mm
No.7 0.140″ or 3.5mm No.15 0,220″ or 5.25mm
 No.8 0.150″ or 3.75mm No.16  0.230″ or 5.75mm

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